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I Am Alive "started from scratch" following developer switch

When development of I Am Alive switched from Darkworks to Ubisoft Shanghai, work went back to square one but remained "with the same pitch," the latter has said.

"First it was a CG trailer," Aurelian Palasse of Ubisoft Shanghai told Eurogamer. "It arrived in Shanghai in 2010, and we decided to make it more realistic.

"We started from scratch, but with the same pitch. I don't want to take the point of view that our game's better [than Darkworks'] - but first of all it was a CG, so everything was possible, and it wasn't real gameplay. But we liked the pitch, and we liked the way it felt."

Ubisoft recently re-unveiled I Am Alive as a digital title, having previously announced the game as a AAA retail game at E3 2008. It was previously rumoured - and debunked several times - to have ex-Assassin's Creed head and current Ubi Toronto boss Jade Raymond attached.

It'll release on PSN and XBLA this winter.

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