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Hydrophobia countdown points to PAX East


The official Hydrophobia website has a countdown going on, which is expected to end during PAX East.

As a matter of fact, it is the same countdown that appears on the official PAX website.

We've no idea what Dark Energy Digital plans to show of the game at the event, but since countdowns are the thing dujour lately - we blame Kojima - why not get folks in a tizzy for your episodic XBL game we say.

Last we heard from the game, way back in October, it was revealed that once all the episodes were released, the episodes would be compiled onto disc and shipped to retail.

Until that happens, each episode will be released over a 12-month period, each one lasting 5-hours.

Still no date, but hopefully it will be revealed at PAX next week.

Via D'toid.

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