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You have one chance to get your hands on the Final Fantasy 15 demo

Final Fantasy 15 demo Episode Duscae will only be available through the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD promotion.


The Final Fantasy 15 demo will be bundled with first shipment copies of Final Fantasy Type-0, and there will be no other opportunity for consumers to get their hands on it, apparently.

Square Enix announced the deal back at Tokyo Game Show 2014, but it wasn't until today's PlayStation Blog post on the Type-0 Collector's Edition that we got some concrete details.

"This demo is exclusive to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. We’re never going to release it as a stand-alone piece down the line," Square Enix's Scott Strichart wrote.

"It’s intended to be a special gift for those of you who purchase early — the demo will be limited to the 'Day One' edition of the game, meaning that only the first shipment is going to have the demo in it."

That said, all Collector's Edition copies will include access to the demo - guaranteed.

The demo will be distributed via download code rather than on disc, so there won't be opportunities for sharing. Episode Duscae, as the demo known, is a proper old school playable teaser, and the first chance for consumers to go hands-on with a game that's been in the works for over eight years. The promotional arrangement came about because director Hajime Tabata is helming Type-0 HD as well.

Both Type-0 HD and FF15 are coming to Xbox One, but as yet there's no word on whether this deal only applies to the PS4 version. Update: the sterling folk who handle PR for Square Enix in Australia answered our query at five to five on a Friday; that's genuinely heroic. The answer is that yes, the demo promotion applies to both PS4 and Xbox One.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is due in March.

Thanks, Polygon.

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