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How to Find and Recruit All 8 Companions in Pillars of Eternity

Complete your party by finding the Grieving Mother, Aloth, Eder, Durance, Hiravias, Sagani, Kana, and Pallegina in Pillars of Eternity.

Today we’re going to help you locate and recruit all eight of the speaking companions featured in Pillars of Eternity. These companions include a Cipher, Wizard, Fighter, Priest, Druid, Ranger, Chanter, and a Paladin. In addition to rounding out your party, these eight companions provide additional side quests you can complete alongside the game’s main story, help you earn more experience, as well as dig deeper into the lore.

We've been hard at work covering everything that you'll ever need to know about this game. For example, if you're on the fence about buying it you can check out our in-depth review. If you decided to pick it up, the next step will be learning how to create your character in Pillars of Eternity.

Once you empty your pockets and buy the game (because we're pretty sure you will), keep our guides to all of the Pillars of Eternity side quests handy at all times. You'll find them listed down below.

The strategy doesn't stop there, however, as we also took the time to create a guide to help you level up your character fast in Pillars of Eternity.

Aloth (Wizard)

If you’re looking for DPS, this is the companion you’ll want. Aloth is a Wizard who somehow ended up in the magic-hating area of Gilded Vale. If you want to recruit him into your party, you’ll need to head to the Black Hound Inn in the northwestern area of Gilded Vale. Here you should spot a group of villagers accosting the poor elf outside the Inn. Move into the area and defuse the situation to have him join your party.

Eder (Fighter)

This companion is a fighter and much needed tank for the early moments of the game. To recruit him, you’ll want to head to Gilded Vale and wait until after you’ve spoken with the dwarf woman hanging from the tree. Once that conversation is over, turn around and walk a few steps away from the tree to spot Eder hanging around outside the ruined temple. Speak with this character to learn a little bit about him, then mention Caed Nua to have him join your team.

Durance (Priest)

The third companion you’ll wander across is Durance, a strange man who calls himself a priest. You’ll learn about this later on in the story, but for now, simply travel to Magran’s Fork and locate the statue beside the fork in the road. You should spot this wild-eyed looking bearded man standing in front of the statue, shouting at you. Interact with him and make it through the conversation before accepting him into your party.

Kana (Chanter)

The Chanter is a strange class indeed. Based on singing or chanting, the character creates spells via AoE attacks, allowing him or her to unleash massive waves against enemies. Kana is the unsung hero of your story, and you’ll find him messing around with some vines outside of Caed Nua. He’ll remark that he wasn’t strong enough to deal with the monsters inside the old keep by himself, but thankfully you happen to be on the same journey he is… kind of. Either way, speak with and let him join your party before heading inside the keep. It will make things easier.

Sagani (Ranger)

By now you should have a Wizard, a Priest, a fighter, and a Chanter, so what more could you need? A Ranger, of course! Sagani is a short ranged attacker, but don’t let her size fool you. She’s bound to unleash quite a few attacks that will leave your enemy reeling before the fight is over. To recruit Sagani and her animal companion, you’ll need to head over to the Woodend Plains after you finish up in Caed Nua and acquire the keep. Speak with her to learn of this person’s troubles, and reveal to her that you are a watcher before offering to let her join your party. She’ll be a bit skeptical at first, but she’ll come around.

Hiravias (Druid)

This companion isn’t going to win the award for good manners, but we’re sure you’ll love him anyway. He’s a bit of a trickster, which you’ll quickly learn in your first interactions with him, but he’s a great companion to have in your party for when things get tough. To find this Druid, you’ll need to follow your World Map past Defiance Bay and into Stormwall Gorge. Once you arrive in this new area, simply follow the road until it forks down a cliff-side path. However, instead of following the new fork down the cliff path, continue following the small dirt path until you spot this short druid hanging around a deer carcass. Interact and then offer him a spot in your party at the end of the conversation.

Grieving Mother (Cipher)

Perhaps one of the more disturbing companions, the Grieving Mother is just as her name suggests. She has some unknown and strange connection to you, but it must have something to do with that pesky biawac you survived. You’ll find this creepy lady kneeling in prayer (or is she crying) in Dyrford Village. Once you arrive via the entrance from Stormwall Gorge, continue northeast until you spot her kneeling before some flowers. Speak to her for a chilling and intriguing conversation, then offer her a spot in the party.

Pallegina (Paladin)

The final companion you can recruit is located within Defiance Bay, but you’ll need to complete a small side quest before you can recruit her. The side quest At All Costs isn’t particularly hard, and you can find out exactly how to complete it by checking out our complete Side Quests Guide to Act II of Pillars of Eternity.

Head over to Ondra’s Gift in Defiance bay, and then you should meet Pallegina outside the Vailian Trading Company. After a short rant she’ll head back inside. Follow her in and speak with the owner of the trading company to pick up his quest and complete it. Once it is complete, you can speak with Pallegina and recruit her to your party.

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