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Horizon: Zero Dawn - this is the commercial you'll be seeing in theaters and on TV

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out in just a couple of weeks, and a trailer you'll be seeing in theaters, on TV and through online channels has been released by Sony.

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The commercial, which will be aired in the UK and Europe, opens with a time-lapse view of the world before it was "plunged into darkness," and the reign of machines in Horizon: Zero Dawn began.

Horizon: Zero Dawn has definitely been on our radar since it was first revealed and if you want to catch up on everything we know about it, be sure to give our page hub a click.

The PS4 exclusive will be released on February 28 in North America and on March 1 in Europe for both the standard console and PS4 Pro.

While the Pro version will be upscaled and you'll need a compatible TV, the standard PS4 version will display at 1080p on HDTVs, and still look lovely with HDR support.

Anyway, enjoy the video, and we'll have more on Horizon: Zero Dawn in the coming weeks.

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