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Hitman reviews, all the scores

This generation's first Hitman game is almost here. Is it worth the wait?

HITMAN_Prologue_3_1454690562 (Copy)

Reviews of Hitman are starting to appear online, ahead of the release of the first episode tomorrow. In case you missed it, Hitman is going fully episodic, with tomorrow's release containing a prologue, and the Paris location.

Each month will bring new locations to the game, and developer IO will be constantly updating the game's live content with new challenges, contracts and more.

For now, you can only buy Hitman digitally. You can either get the Intro Pack for $15, or pay $60 upfront for the whole thing. If you want to go piecemeal, you'll still be able to buy episodes as they're released.

At the end of the season later this year, you'll be able to get a disc version that includes all content.

Here are the reviews. Scores are out of ten unless otherwise noted.

The first episode is out March 11 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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