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Heroes of Dragon Age tie-in to Dragon Age: Inquisition would "make a lot of sense," says producer

Heroes of Dragon Age, the Android and iOS game from EA Capital Games, is coming out this fall, and according to the game's producer Tim Lander, the team has been working closely with the Dragon Age: Inquisition team on it.

Speaking with Eurogamer, when asked if it will tie into Inquisition, Lander said while he could not "technically answer that yet," it would "make a lot of sense" if it did but it "wouldn't be a story-based tie-in."

The squad-based strategy game will contain over 100 heroes to collect through playing, but if you want to get them quickly, you will be able to purchase them through an in-game store.

Thing is, they will run you around $2 or $3 and the hero you get will be a random pick. That being said, the game is not "pay to win" as nothing is "behind a pay-wall in this game," said Lander.

"It's like a time versus money thing," he said. "If [players] want to put the time in, they don't have to pay, if they want to speed it up there's an opportunity there."

Heroes of Dragon Age also contains 10 single-player quests based on one map with a questline a story within Dragon Age lore, and will contain PVP. The team even has post launch plans such as new characters, new features and support for well over a year and up to "several years."

Until the fall, then.

Meanwhile, Dragon Age: Inquisition will hit PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in 2014.

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