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Here's what you'll get for completing the Destiny Year 2 Moments of Triumph

Destiny's pre-expansion scavenger hunt returns, but it's a lot better than last year's effort.

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Destiny: The Taken King players can unlock a suite of rewards with a special end of year event.

Last year players received an emblem for their efforts, but the Destiny Year 2 Moments of Triumph has several goodies on offer, and you can unlock them progressively as you work through the list - a much more fair and rewarding system than last year's "yeah no you need to be in a raid group and also good at PvP, soz" scheme.

In the video above, Arekkz shows off what's on offer, previewing them in Destiny's menus:

  • Level 2: Caelestis shader
  • Level 3: Shield of the Traveler emblem
  • Level 4: Dawncaller shader
  • Level 5: Hear the Call emblem

You rank up through these levels by completing tasks in Destiny, from a list of eight:

  • Complete an Exotic sword quest from Shaxx
  • Collect all 50 Calcified Fragments
  • Defeat Oryx in the King's Fall Raid on Hard difficulty
  • Complete At the Gates and Return to the Prison, quests added in the April Update
  • Complete The Taken King main questline through Regicide
  • Get maximum score on a Prison of Elders sigil
  • Complete the Crucible questline through The Mountaintop
  • Equip a fully levelled Year Two subclass on any character

If you complete all eight goals you'll also qualify for a discount coupon on a special commemorative t-shirt from the Bungie store, which otherwise goes for the joke price of $7,777.

There's plenty of time to tick these goals off your list before Destiny Rise of Iron launches in September, which is the deadline - and many Destiny veterans will have done so already.

If you're new, casual or just not in the right situation for some of the harder tasks, I strongly recommend for Destiny LFG - my group has helped me tick off a bunch of the more difficult PvP tasks, and got me through the raid on hard mode before the April update lifted the cap again. If you need to lift your Light level, ask for general help and a sherpa will give you tips and take you through some endgame activities with good drops.

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