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A Hearthstone pro player lost a Grandmasters match because he was also playing Auto Chess

Hearthstone Grandmaster Linh "Seiko" Nguyen lost while trying to juggle two games at once.

Seiko was playing a Grandmasters match of Hearthstone and an Auto Chess qualifier at the same time, but it led to a sloppier performance in Hearthstone than he anticipated.

Seiko was caught out during a tournament match against Elias "Bozzzton" Sebelius, when viewers of the stream noticed that he was constantly looking down, and did not seem to be fully focused on the match. As PC Gamer reports, he eventually threw the match, and viewers were annoyed at the professional player for clearly not being focused.

In a since-deleted tweet, captured by another Hearthstone player, Seiko admitted to playing a qualifier for Auto Chess at the same time as his Hearthstone match.

Seiko has now addressed the controversy directly, admitting that he did not expect things to escalate in the way that they have, and that he did not mean to be disrespectful. He will have to drop out of the Auto Chess qualifier, he says, to focus on Hearthstone.

In any case, it's hard to imagine that the professional esports scene around Hearthstone will forget this any time soon. In other Hearthstone news, the new solo campaign, Tombs of Terror, drops this week.

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