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Hands-on with Fallout 3, new screens

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X3F's posted up its hands-on with Fallout 3, and it all sounds rosy. As you'd expect. Snip:

Of course, the star of the show is VATS, the Vault-tec Assissted Targeting System, which was showcased at the Microsoft Press Briefing earlier this week. VATS allows you to stop time and zoom in on your targets. From this vantage point, you can highligt individual body parts, all of which display how likely it is your shot will hit. Do you take the headshot with only a 20% chance to hit or the body shot that has a 50% chance? It's a neat system with the added bonus of letting you stop the action and assess the situation. That's a good thing when you're being peppered by gunfire on all sides.

Some new shots on Joystiq, as well.

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