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Galactic Battles fan-film is a Halo, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Star Wars mashup

Galactic Battles is non-commercial Open Movie Project in works which combines Halo, Star Trek, Mass Effect and Star Wars.

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It took us a minute to get our head around this before watching the Indiegogo campaign video for the project. Then, it make perfect sense. Sort of.

We'll just let producer Nick Romick tell you about verbatim.

The film is technically classified as a Fan-Film, and features ships and characters from Star Trek, Star Wars, Mass Effect and Halo. This mashup film will pit the franchises against each other, as well as build alliances with each other in one intense inter-galactic battle. We are going to take this one step further, by introducing live action, including the Mass Effect character of Commander Shepard being played by Mark Meer.

There are currently a team of two sound designers, 20 artists and several actors have been cast, including Meer, along with others who are working on the project for free.

The team is seeking funding in order to finish the film on schedule, but should that not come to pass, regardless of budget,it will be released anyway - just further down the road.

"If fully funded, this project will be complete by the end of 2015," said Romick. "Once complete, we plan on releasing this film free-to-view on YouTube and Vimeo."

It certainly sounds interesting. We just wish the clip from the film posted above was more than 55 seconds long. The Indiegogo campaign video is below.

The campaign has 7 days left and the team is asking $15,000 Canadian. As of press time, it has received $1,301 CAD.

Watch on YouTube

Via Kotaku

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