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Gunfire Reborn: Reincarnation Mode | Unlocking the new mode and its features

Reincarnation Mode is the fourth and highest difficulty level in Gunfire Reborn, added in the game's 2021 summer update. But like many extreme difficulty modes, it isn't available to play right away.

The new mode also adds some new mechanics that make it stand out from the previous three difficulty levels.

How to unlock Reincarnation Mode in Gunfire Reborn

Difficulty levels in Gunfire Reborn have to be unlocked individually. Your first playthrough of the game can only be done on Normal mode. After completing that, you'll unlock Elite mode. Then, after finishing the game in Elite mode, you'll unlock Nightmare difficulty.

Finish the game on Nightmare difficulty and — as you've probably guessed — you'll now unlock the new Reincarnation Mode.

But what you may not have guessed is that Reincarnation Mode has seven levels — each featuring scaled-up difficulty compared to the last — that unlock in the same way as you previously unlocked new modes.

So that's at least seven more playthroughs of Gunfire Reborn to sink your teeth into, even if you'd finished all three modes already!

What's new in Gunfire Reborn's Reincarnation Mode?

Mechanically, the first three difficulty levels in the game work fairly similarly. By contract, Reincarnation Mode introduces a few new elements.

Reincarnation Mode features the scaling-up of enemy Health, Shields, Armor, and damage, based on the level you've reached. This is similar to how enemies' stats scaled up between previous difficulty modes.

However, Reincarnation Mode also introduces two brand-new NPCs: the Spiritual Remnant and the Phantom Peddler.

  • Spiritual Remnant: This new character will appear in the starting stage of all three acts. Each time they appear, you'll have the opportunity to purchase one of the three Spiritual Blessings they have with them, which will grant a permanent bonus that lasts for the rest of that run. Blessings cost Soul Essence, so if you've fully upgraded all your Talents by this point, this is a good way to spend those leftover resources.
  • Phantom Peddler: This character can randomly appear anywhere except the starting stages and boss stages. Like the Spiritual Remnant, they'll trade you for your Soul Essence. Their offering is made up of three enhanced weapons and one enhanced scroll.

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