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Guild Wars 2 World vs World is getting floating islands with Edge of the Mists beta map

The first ever World vs. World season is well under way in Guild Wars 2, with servers beating each other up through until November 21. A new league begins today, and ArenaNet is introducing a beta map made up of floating islands in an attempt to alleviate long queuing times and speed up gameplay.

The map is called Edge of the Mists, and is made up of floating islands that each have a different environment. There's a winter fortress, an ancient jungle temple, and a desert. The map is smaller than its predecessors, and fights should be faster - matchups should be resolved and reset in a single day.

“With the new innovation this map brings, and the league starting today, there is no better time to play World vs. World!,” said ArenaNet. “If you haven’t logged in for a while, or haven’t at all, get in there and fight in a league with hundreds of players in epic-scale PvP the likes of which can only be found in Guild Wars 2.”

Edge of the Mists has an overflow copy in order to shorten queue times, which means that fighting on the map won't currently affect scores in server matchups. There are rewards found only in Edge of the Mists. Entry is invite-only.

Source: PCGamerN, via Massively.

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