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New GTFO gameplay shows group stealth, teases punishing difficulty

The latest GTFO gameplay drop is full of intense co-op action.

10 Chambers Collective has shared another new look at GTFO gameplay. The co-op horror shooter continues to look unique with emphasis on tactical gameplay and a sandbox approach to overcoming in-game challenges.

Today's video reveals more about the structure of the game. At the start, the team is instructed to reach a specific area and retrieve an item. Although there is a map, most of it is covered by the fog of war, which means the team has to carefully navigate around monsters until the objective has been located.

Enemy classes, such as scouts, appear to be the more sensitive to enemy movement, and alerting them could trigger a wave of enemies. This doesn't sound like something you'd want to do in GTFO, as ammo and health are scarce. In fact, towards the end, one player messes up and gets the whole team overwhelmed.

Particularly impressive is the game's map, which allows players to mark areas in the style of classic tactical shooters. The HUD is also reactive, displaying team status and points of interest highlighted by other players.

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If you like what you see, you can sign up for a chance to be invited to closed alpha tests. You can do so on the official site, and there's even a new test coming up this weekend. For everyone else, GTFO will arrive on Steam Early Access later this year.

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