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GTA Online weekly update introduces the new Progen Emerus and RC Time Trials

Another nice car has been added to the GTA Online garage.

Sexy cars are a thing, even if they are virtual like in GTA Online, and the Progen Emerus Supercar is no exception. I mean, just look at the beast. The only thing it needs is me behind the wheel, driving 40 miles an hour because I'm scared of its power. Okay, I drive like a grandmother in a mini-suv as it is - I will admit it.

Anyway, me causing others road rage aside, GTA Online players can enjoy this new ride from today. Apparently, the thing can go from "zero to ridiculous" in no time flat. Check it out below.


Along with a snazzy new car this week is the introduction of RC Time Trials. With the release of The Diamond Casino & Resort, Rockstar upped Time Trial payouts to GTA$50K to GTA$100K. This week, you'll get 2X GTA$ & RP on the brand-new RC Time Trials.

Who wouldn't want a cool GTA$200K just for completion? Everyone would, so find the applicable corona on your map and get to getting it.

Speaking of double, head over to the Maze Bank Arena and take part in the Arena War Series. All modes are handing out double this week through August 21.

And this week, those who spin the Lucky Wheel at the casino have a shot at winning another sweet ride: the Dinka Jester Classic. If you don't win the car, you still have a shot at walking away with money or some cool new threads. It never hurts to give the thing a spin.

Those looking for something to add to their wardrobe can pick up casino-style earrings that look like chips. You can also channel your inner Hugh Hefner by picking up the Broker Silk Robe.

Finally, if you're looking for a deal, the RC Bandito and Arena War vehicles and upgrades are 30% off . The discount is the same for select amenities, so be sure and look over the list.

Have fun this week in your new zoom zoom and be sure to class things up by wearing the silk robe while driving it.

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