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Crime pays: GTA Online now handing out $1.6m per month for daily players

We complained that GTA Online was tight with its cash. Now the Daily Objectives are handing out millions for the simplest of tasks.


"If a random players sends you a request to join a job you rarely play - or even sets a mugger on you - get involved and help a brother (or sister) out."

Introduced with the Heists update last month, Daily Objectives are a simple set of three tasks that once completed hand the player a tidy sum of $25,000 a day and 3,000 RP.

Complete these dailies over seven consecutive days and you'll receive extra rewards - a bonus $100,000 and 15,000 RP.

Stick with it for a whole 28 days straight and you're looking at an additional payout of $500,000 and 50,000 RP.

As some players are now finding out 28 days after the Heists update launched, completing dailies, weeklies and a monthly amounts to a total reward of $1.6 million and 194,000 RP.

In short, daily players are ranking up and folding bank for the simplest of tasks in a game that was previously criticised for being stingy with cash and RP.

Some daily objectives really are easy, where all three can be completed in 10 minutes. Going to the movies, compete in a parachute race or robbing a store won't challenge anyone.


Others have been designed to get people playing the new Adversary modes, or modes that aren't that popular, like a vehicle deathmatch. But some are proving more problematic.

Challenging another player to a 1-on-1 deathmatch can be tricky if you're playing with strangers. I'd recommend playing with friends or using in-game text to ask if another player in free-roam will help you out. Chances are they will, because despite popular belief, the GTA Online community is helpful and friendly.

Some challenges could be considered a grind. Killing 20 players means you've got to put 30 - 60 minutes into a regular Deathmatch (that includes the notoriously long load times) if you're an average player.


And then there's the Stunt Jump issue. The objective to perform a Stunt Jump seems to come up fairly often - I've had it three times since Heists released - but it appears that you have to complete a Stunt Jump you haven't previously mastered.

If you repeat a Stunt Jump you've already landed successfully in GTA Online it won't register as a completed Daily Objective. This makes some sense because repeating the same easy jump wouldn't be any challenge at all. But it's obviously a problem for players who have completed all Stunt Jumps in GTAO as it stops dead a consecutive run of dailies and resets the 28 day challenge.

Rockstar hasn't yet acknowledged the problem, which only fuels the anger of players who are rightly p**sed off that they can't complete their dailies and continue to rack up the higher rewards. Until Rockstar fixes it, it's the one sour note to a list of Daily Objectives that have improved the game significantly.

Dailies have brought an added incentive to play, a healthy chunk of RP farming and a nice cash injection to GTA Online. If a random player sends you a request to join a job you rarely play - or even sets a mugger on you - get involved and help a brother (or sister) out.

Thanks to Jimster71 for the screenshot and Yan2295 for the artwork.

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