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GT5 Jaguar gameplay footage lives Kaz fantasy


Some new gameplay footage of GT5 has popped up, showing what it's like to get being the wheel of the Jaguar XJ13.

We know what your thinking: if we had a pound for every time some new GT5 footage appeared we could probably have bought a VG247-branded Jaguar XJ13 and set off on a journey to Polyphony Digital to personally collect a copy of the game.

This is a special one, though. The XJ13 never raced, and dev lead Kazunori Yamauchi put it into the game to allow players to live out a 60s show-down between the Jaguar, the Ferrari 230 E4 and the Ford GT MKIV. Get more detail on that here.

The car is seen going around the beautifully recreated Nordshleife track with Nose, In-Car and Chase cams all on show.

Check it out below.

GT5 is out November 2 in the US and November 3 in the UK and Europe.

Thanks, RSC.

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