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Grow Home's 2M downloads makes it "fastest-downloaded" Ubisoft game on PSN to date

Ubisoft has announced Grow Home as the "fastest-downloaded" Ubisoft game on PSN to date, with over 2 million downloads in its first week of availability on PS4.

The Ubisoft Reflections title was one of the first offerings added to Sony's Vote to Play incentive.

Voted the number one choice by PS Plus users, Grow Home was made available to all members as part of the Instant Game Collection earlier this month.

“We are thrilled that BUD has found a new home in the PS4 community,” said the game's producer Pete Young. “Grow Home was a great opportunity for our team to experiment and develop new technology and have fun at the same time.”

Grow Home is available to download on PC along with PS4.

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