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GRID 2 single player lasts 30 hours-plus, says Codemasters

GRID 2 developer Codemasters has confirmed that its single player campaign is currently clocking in at over 30 hours to full completion during internal testing. The studio has told VG247 that it wanted to buck the trend of weak six-hour campaigns in the market today.

Speaking with VG247 as part of an interview you can read here next week, senior executive producer Clive Moody said of the solo campaign, "It's massive. Playthroughs at the moment - if you want to 100% the whole game - you're looking at 30-hours plus for the average gamer to get through that experience.

"That's doing everything we have to offer, all of the side events, promotional events and challenges as well. It's a large experience that will keep people busy, and once they've blitzed that then online multiplayer is there."

Senior games designer Ross Gowing added, "We've noticed a trend in recent years with some of the supposedly 'big' games that were actually six hours long, and we didn't feel that was sufficient value for money for our fans at all. We wanted to make sure there was so much more for them to do."

Then of course once that's done you have a separate multiplayer campaign with many race modes, LiveRoute tracks that offer millions of dynamic circuit combinations and much, much more. You're going to get a lot of game for your buck at launch.

For a big batch of GRID 2 multiplayer features and new screens, simply click here.

GRID 2 launches on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 across North American from May 28, and across Europe from May 31. Stay tuned for our full interview next week.

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