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Grasshopper Manufacture let PS4 exclusive Lily Bergamo die

Let It Die is Grasshopper Manufacture's first PS4 title, so what happened to its other PS4 exclusive, Lily Bergamo?


Following the surprise reveal of Let It Die at Sony's E3 2014 conference, Famitsu was full of questions about both let it Die and Lily Bergamo for Goichi Suda and his team.

According to Gematsu's translation of the interview, the project once known as Lily Bergamot evolved into Let It Die. The developer's website has not been reflected to update this.

Although the core idea of making a hardcore action game remained, the game's former protagonist, Tae Ioroi, has been retired.

Instead, as previously reported, players will customise an avatar of their own, and Grasshopper's plans for aynschronous multiplayer have expanded to basing enemies on harvested player data; if your character dies in game, it will appear as a foe in somebody else's.

Most enemies will be generated in this way, according to the interview, so as the game ages it will organically evolve. Suda wants players to feel that it's okay to die over and over again, as it contributes to the experience.

You'll start the game for the first time with no clothing or weapons - just a gas mask - and will need to scavenge better gear by defeating enemies. Suda hinted that there will be other ways to obtain gear, and as the game is free-to-play it's hard not to imagine microtransactions won't play a part here.

Weapons will all have their own actions, and players will also level up, although this won't be a straightforward progression, apparently. The overall goal will be to become best in the world, so there will be some sort of ranking system, but it will be designed as something you intuitively grasp rather than a big floating "LEVEL 20" or whatever. There will be a smartphone companion app, too, which will no doubt assist in some way.

Given how generic the game looked in its first trailer it's great to see it's got some unusual ideas packed in. Good old Suda.

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