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Granzella working on multiple titles, planning for Vita

Kazuma Kojo's new studio is already busily at work on new projects.

Harvesting Famitsu, Siliconera reports the Disaster Report and Steambot Chronicles creator has a PlayStation Home title lined up for release, which is described as comparable to a full retail game. No details as yet.

Next, the studio plans to release a downloadable PS3 title, with at least one more Home and downloadable title game expected to follow thereafter.

The studio is also hoping to splash out to Android and Vita.

Kojo also has an April Fool's Day prank in the works, carrying on Irem's fine traditions.

Granzella was founded in April by ex-Irem designer Kojo, who also took the opportunity to correct assumptions that the cancelation of Disaster Report 4 motivated him to leave the company, instead blaming wildly differing fan and management expectations.

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