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Godfather II combat "best in the genre," says EA

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EA Redwood's Hunter Smith has told CVG that the combat in its open-world game, Godfather II, is "the best in the genre."

"I think our combat experience is the best in the genre," said the Godfather II executive producer.

"It's a very intuitive experience. To go hand-to-hand we moved from having to lock on to everybody just to interact with them and then stick mashing to right and left controls so you really feel that you're tied into your avatar in terms of your right and left hands.

"We also added combos because we have the right and left experience," he went on.

"Our shooting experience is completely free aim all the time. You can then lock on and move within the lock on window for headshots or knee shots or to shoot a weapon out of a guy's hand.

"So we leveraged what we thought was best last time and then took it to the next level to tie you closer to the avatar, so you can still grab guys and swing them from side to side or throw them over a balcony," concluded Smith.

Godfather II is released on February 27 for PC, 360 and PS3.

By Mike Bowden

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