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Glitch to overhaul housing system

Unusual MMO Glitch is about to get its first major overhaul since going back to beta - an end to premium housing. Say goodbye to your mansion in Alakol.

The scheme was fully detailed in a long Q&A on the game's blog, and isn't as dreadful as it sounds. To make the early stages of the game easier, all players will now be assigned a house right from the very get-go, and will carry it around inside their own minds - ending your long trips back and forth across the map. However, there will still be some sort of external interface other players can visit.

The new housing starts from a basic template and can then be expanded according to the players preferences, adding extra rooms, gardens, and features. Players will be warned before the transition occurs, will receive some sort of compensation for their existing house, and will be eased through the change with a tutorial.

The change is expected in around two months. The acquisition of a decent house - and thereby, a garden in which to safely nurture required quest items, and a container to expand inventory space - has been a stumbling block for newbies.

Thanks, Massively. [image]

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