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CD Projekt RED online store opens for business with a cool Geralt Ronin statute

CD Projekt RED has opened up an online store where you can purchase all sorts of fun things, like this Geralt Ronin statute.

The new CD Projekt RED store is open for business for those in the European region. The US store is expected to go online soon, according to the Cyberpunk 2077  Twitter account. Which we have to say was rather cheeky reagrding the announcement.

Along with Cyberpunk 2077, Gwent and The Witcher merchandise, a really cool Geralt statue is up for pre-order. It sure is lovely, and will set you back €219 ($245).

Too bad it's not life-sized (don't judge me - or Lauren for that matter).

There's also a Shupe the Troll talking plush toy, which we may need to have in our life.

One of the coolest things about the store, is the models are actual CD Projekt staffers. Well done.

Hit up the store to have a look at the wares, and drop some cash on that cool statue. If you happen to buy it, please post us a picture of it when it arrives.

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