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Gears of War: Judgment 'Epic Reaper' enemy revealed, will be controlled by fans

Gears of War: Judgment co-developer Epic Games unveiled a strange new multiplayer enemy type, the 'Epic Reaper'. There's a catch though, as this harbinger of death will be controlled by outstanding members of the Gears community

Epic Games' PR Manager Wes Phillips unveiled the Epic Reaper during the studio's panel session at SXSW over the weekend.

The Epic Games blog has now gone into some more detail on how this will work. Each week Epic will hand-pick a member of the Gears of War community to play as the Reaper, based on their contribution and activity.

Whenever they log on to play multiplayer they will step into the Reaper's boots. He's said to be incredibly fast and tough, so if you managed to kill him you will earn a special Reaper medal and custom weapon skin. The person controlling the Reaper will also get a set of custom dog tags for their service.

Here's a shot of the Reaper:

You can also earn the Reaper bonuses by killing any Epic Games employee while playing, and if you want you can nominate a buddy to be the Epic Reaper on Twitter by using the hashtag #GearsReaper.

Do you know anyone worthy enough to fill the role? Let us know below.

Thanks Woe.

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