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Gears of War Judgment: Warzone mode found on-disc

Gears of War: Judgment players have found a way to access the game's Warzone mode, suggesting that it's either on-disc DLC or as Epic has since said, a hangover from the game's development. You be the judge below.

Eurogamer reports that the mode - returning from previous Gears games - an be accessed by first going into the 'Private Match' multiplayer menu, highlighting Team Deathmatch and then pressing A. Once the pop-up appears, press A and B together. Select "yes" when prompted again and you'll be in Warzone mode.

But is this a DLC gaffe? Epic Games' Peter Knepley suggested that Warzone was supposed to have been deleted from the final Judgment code, and was never intended to feature on the disc:

Knepley went on to add that Warzone is not included in the next April 2 content drop, which sees Execution mode added into the mix. He went on record as saying Execution is more fun than Warzone anyway.

NeoGAF also unearthed what appear to be placeholders for extra Judgment maps, which could point to more locations coming as DLC in future. See them here.

What do you make of the above?

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