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Gears of War 4 just received two new maps and is getting a Valentine's Day event

Gears of War 4 season pass holders will get access to two new maps this week, while the Valentine's Day event will be open to everyone soon.

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The update, which arrives today on Xbox One and PC, features two maps, although neither of them is completely original: Impact Dark is based on a launch map (called Impact, naturally enough), but with player's vision impaired by smoke and weapon swaps switched around. This means that players who typically attack at range will be forced to change tactics and get right up in their enemy's faces.

The other map, War Machine, has been brought over from the original Gears of War and given an upgrade. This doesn't sound like too drastic a change from the map veterans are used to, but it's a fan favourite. Both maps are now available in the Developer Playlist for season pass holders, but the unique nature of Gears 4's pass means that those who didn't pay extra will eventually get to play them as well, as maps rotate in and out of action for non-pass holders.

The other addition, a Valentine's Day event, starts on February 10. It will offer up "over a week of Valentine’s Day celebrations, with new Gear Packs to earn, daily Valentine’s themed bounties, another Craftable Character to collect, and the much-requested return of Torque Bow Tag". There will be a Cupid-themed twist to the new Torque Bow Tag, apparently - is it too much to ask that we see some gears and locust falling in love with one another?

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