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Gears 2: Colour palette restriction claim isn't valid, says Bleszinski

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Gears of War was grey, right? The sequel looks a bit brown, right? Wrong. We leveled the accusation at Gears 2 dev lead Cliff Bleszinski at an event for the game in London recently, and got short shrift.

"I think to say a game that has a long campaign is limited to one colour palette is a bit of a misnomer," he said.

Bleszinski added that later levels in the title add variety to the game's colours.

"When you go into the underground and you see the beautiful blues of the indigenous plants of the Hollow, as well as the reds of the flames that appear later in the Sinkhole level… Yeah there's, you know, more brown than grey this time around, but there are other colours that bleed through. You know, there's a little more green with the trees, and things like that," he said.

So there we are. Gears of War 2 ships for 360 on November 7. For the rest of our coverage from the event, including play impressions and new shots, click this.

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