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GDC: Dan Boutros is crowned SFIV champion of North America

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Dan Boutros, our mate Dan Boutros, has won the first ever American Street Fighter IV tournament at GDC. With him still giddy from victory, we got him on the phone.

videogaming247: What did you win, Dan?

"A s**t trophy."

Who did you play as?

"I played Blanka, Dhalsim and I played as Ken. That was about it. It's a really good game. I played the f**k out of it. It was funny. I played the producer and beat him as well. The Japanese dude in his 40s. Very happy. Lovely guy. I beat everyone and then he came on and said, 'Boss level!' Quite amusing."

How does it feel to crowned King of America?

"It's all right, you know. I haven't really got anything for it apart from some f**king generic wrestling trophy with Street Fighter IV GDC shite along the bottom of it."

We love you, Boutros.

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