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GDC: Age Of Conan "ideal for 360", on console 12 months after PC

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Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures game director Gaute Godager has said that he believes that the MMO's unique and controversial combat system, which has been scathed by some critics, will be ideal for the conversion of the game to a 360 format.

Speaking at a GDC presentation of the title's PC version, Godager said that the system had worked through a number of technical difficulties in converting the traditionally PC-bound MMO format to console, and that the 360 version would include even more content than the already enormous PC version. A 360 game should be expected around 12 months after the PC release.

The brutal and bloody Funcom MMO, which takes its inspiration from the original Robert E Howard books rather than the classic Arnie films, has now been four-and-a-half years in development. The version we were shown at GDC is looking markedly more accomplished than versions demoed to journalists in previous months, and the dark world of Howard's books is now absurdly detailed.

Godager explained that his designers wanted to get across the full depth of Howard's fiction of ancient, evil cultures. "Hyboria is like a layered, vicious cake," said the excitable Norwegian, "with layer upon layer of dark culture."

The impressive Funcom engine will be able to render unique faces for every player, making it possible to recognise friends by their faces, as you might in the real world.

Age of Conan releases worldwide for PC on May 20.

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