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Funcom shelves Xbox 360 version of Conan MMO

Funcom has said there are currently "no plans" to bring Age of Conan to consoles, but the firm is still working on console technology as well as its newly announced AoC free-to-play initiative on PC.

Speaking with Eurogamer, executive producer Craig Morrison did however state that Funcom would still like to bring it to consoles "at some point in the future," but there are no concrete plans it at the moment.

"As many other games have found, launching an MMO on a console was much more complicated than anyone had accounted for," he said. "There's still some evolution to be done. Launching an MMO on a console was much more complicated that anyone had accounted for.

"As a company we are continuing to work on console technology,now that we have a separate technology team who's developing the Dreamworld technology independently of the games. We have a tech team here in Montreal that are not tied specifically to any of the projects: they only work on improving our platform and improving our tools.

"But we still work particularly with Microsoft on looking at the technology platforms and working towards being able to have our Dreamworld technology at least working on the Microsoft consoles."

Age of Conan was announced for both PC and Xbox 360 in 2006, with the later being delayed numerous times before finally being shelved.

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