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GDC 2012: Blizzard, Moriarty and postmortem Summits added to schedule

Organizers of GDC have announced new Summit sessions from Blizzard and from former Infocom man and Worcester Polytechnic Institute professor, Brian Moriarty.

The latest sessions added include an AI Summit featuring postmortems on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Darkness II and Skulls of the Shogun from Michael Dawe (38 Studios), Daniel Brewer (Digital Extremes) and Borut Pfeifer (Plush Apocalypse Productions), respectively.

Brian Moriarty will provide the GDC Education Summit keynote, and a Summit titled Carte Blanche Localization will be handled by Blizzard's William Barnes.

Other talks announced include:

  • "Words With Friends: Building and Growing a Game on the Top of the Charts" - Zynga With Friends CTO Vijay Thakkar
  • "Arrrgghh!!! - Blending Quantitative and Qualitative Methods to Detect Player Frustration" - IO Interactive's Janus Rau Sorensen
  • "Witcher 2: How CD Projekt RED Sold Over a Million Copies of its Exclusive PC Game And How You Can Too" - CD Projekt RED CEO Marcin Iwinski
  • "Marketing for Indies: The Indie Games Summer Uprising" - Dave Voyles

More details on what to expect at GDC 2012 can be found through our event hub.

The conference takes place March 5 through March 9 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

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