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GameStop "pleased" with the response to the Xbox One X, but Xbox One is tanking against PS4

The Xbox One X is the darling of retail right now.

Xbox One X pre-orders are open now and if you're looking to grab one, you should move fast as they're selling like hotcakes.

We've compiled a list of where you can go for pre-orders, but be warned, they may be sold out already.

The fancy pants Scorpio Edition of the console flew off the shelves, with a predicted week's worth of inventory selling out in just one day.

The Xbox One X is performing well on Amazon, surpassing the PS4 Pro on the Best Sellers list, and GameStop are just as pleased with how fast the pre-orders are coming in.


Dual Shockers reports the GameStop's chief operating officer, Tony Bartel, said that he was "pleased" with the response to the Xbox One X in the wake of opening pre-orders.

During the same quarterly financial conference call, chief financial officer Robert Lloyd said that the Xbox One wasn't doing as well as the PS4 in pre-owned and new sales, but chalked it up to the impending Xbox One X release.

That seems to hold up going by the speed at which the Xbox One X is selling out.

Are you holding off for the Xbox One X, or waiting until release so you can pick up an Xbox One at a reduced price? Let us know your game plan in the comments below.

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