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GameStick delayed into August due to it taking "longer than anticipated to develop the user interface"

GameStick has had its release delayed into August, after originally being slated for June after an April delay.

According to the PlayJam, the developers of the Android-powered microconsole, it has taken the firm longer than anticipated to develop the user interface.

Those who backed the project on Kickstarter with $300 or more have been beta testing the console UI.

"It has taken a while longer to prepare the review UI than we had hoped," reads a statement on the Kickstarter page. "This is in part because the DEV version of the hardware this will be delivered on is slightly different from the production hardware. This has required a duplication of effort that we have had to balance with ensuring that work on the final units maintained momentum.

"As a result we have not yet had the feedback that we wanted prior to finalizing the UI and going ahead with mass production. In the spirit of Kickstarter it would be disingenuous of us to cut out this process and not give those backers the opportunity to comment on and help perfect the UI prior to completion.

"We have therefore taken the decision to push back the whole project by one month to ensure we can fit this process in. We appreciate that this will frustrate backers keen to get their hands on their device but we did not feel it was fair to bypass this step as it was a key pledge and the feedback will be really welcome.

"We now expect to ship product from China during early August and expect it to be with you by the middle of the month, prior to units launching in retail."

The original delay of GameStick was due to “higher-than expected” demand, the firm stated at the time.

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