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GAME asks if you want to smell of gamers, the public immediately complies

GAME has made it possible for you to smell like video games.

What do video games smell like? A freshly opened disc copy certainly has a pleasing plastic-y aroma, but what about the concept of video games? Would you want someone to walk up to you and say, “You smell like a video game”?

Well, now you can have that experience if for some ungodly reason you wanted to.

UK retailer GAME has turned heads with two newly released products on its store. It has decided to create a new line of unisex fragrances just for gamers. Both are... a lot to take in. And that's not just because of the smell.

The first is a Mario inspired scent. It's called. The Eau De Plumber has an interesting mix of “deep earthy notes of toadstool, balanced with high notes of peach and daisy, and mid-tones of grass lands.” It's less clear if this is to make it smell good or just to hit as many puns as possible.


The second smell has a little more bloodlust. F.P.S (which stands for First Person Scent) has been designed to evoke Call of Duty and other shooters, bringing a blend of smells that we can't imagine you'd normally chase in a fragrance. The scent is said to have, “under-tones of napalm, with bouncy high-tones of watermelon and cigars, F.P.S can best be described as ‘so powerful your nostrils will wave white flags’”. That is supposed to be good... probably.

Do you want to smell like either of these? Well too bad, the fragrances are already sold out. While they are listed for £19.99 for a 200ml bottle, both appear to be out of stock. It seems that these fragrances might be harder to come by than a next-gen console a week before Christmas.

It's not clear if GAME has any plans to restock these or if this is a one-off goof.

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