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Game Freak's latest game on Nintendo Switch is... Pocket Card Jockey!

Congrats to all seven Pocket Card Jockey fans.

Cute 2D art of horses running down a race track in Pocket Card Jockey Ride On!
Image credit: Game Freak

Game Freak just made an appearance at today's Nintendo Direct, not to announce anything to do with Pokemon, but to show off the return of Pocket Card Jockey.

Well, a half-return, as Game Freak is finally liberating Pocket Card Jockey: Ride on from Apple Arcade jail, bringing the remake of the 3DS classic to Nintendo Switch for the first time - and it's available today! Originally released last year exclusively on iOS via Apple's subscription service, Pocket Card Jockey puts you in the position of, well, a jockey, and it uses the card game golf as its main gameplay mechanic. It's an odd little title, and it's impossible to get on the 3DS now as the eShop has been shut down, so the Apple Arcade remake is a welcome addition to the Switch's library. There's even a demo available right now!

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In Pocket Card Jockey, you need to clear all cards from the field as best you can, by choosing a card that is either one point higher or lower than the card you drew from your deck - depending on how well you play, your horse can do better or worse in the race. The less cards, the better your horse will do; the less, the higher the chance they completely biff it.

Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! is available on Nintendo Switch today.

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