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GAME cancels The Last Story Limited Edition pre-orders, switches customers over to standard

Those who pre-ordered The Last Story Limited Edition from GAME have been receiving mails stating their pre-orders have been switched over to the standard edition.

According MyNintendoNews, some customers haven't received notice of the change, but GoNintendo is reporting that some have - so you may want to check your pre-order status if a mail isn't sitting in your inbox.

Some GAME customers are reporting that their order has even been cancelled entirely.

An official response on GAME's Facebook page states that the retailer "won't be stocking the Limited Edition," and that it "unfortunately had to cancel pre-orders of said edition."

We've reached out to GAME for comment on the matter and a representative for the firm stated the matter was "currently being investigating" and more information will be available tomorrow.

GAME confirmed earlier today it would not be stocking Ubisoft's launch titles for Vita in the UK, so this is just another bit of bad news for customers today.

The Last Story releases in the UK on February 24.

Thanks, Suikoden Fan.

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