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Frozenbyte has a "shiny and happy" relationship with Nintendo

Frozenbyte is just one of a number of indie developers Nintendo is wooing for the Wii U, and the two companies appear to have a fairly deep bro crush on each other.

Frozenbyte sales and marketing manager Mikael Haveri told NintendoLife that the developer has a "mutual relationship" with the platform holder.

“With Nintendo it's looking [like a] really shiny and happy relationship," he said.

"But then again, [we] always have to be wary because that's always been the way. Usually towards the launch, really close to the launch, that's where things maybe start to break up with it all. It's looking really good so far, very positive, and I'm pretty sure that it will remain in that same direction."

Haveri said Nintendo is "really supporting" Frozenbyte's efforts in porting Trine 2 to the Wii U, and although the developer pushed itself to learn the process on its own, as launch approaches the two parties are in close touch.

“During this time right now, when we're getting closer and closer to launch, it's much more communication about the small details, how to do things," he said.

Interestingly, Frozenbyte doesn't yet seem totally au fait with several details of the console and the Nintendo Network which you'd think developers would need to have a handle on so close to launch, including the rumoured achievements system and how frequently Nintendo will allow software updates - although in the latter case, Haveri is hopeful.

"We don't know actual details, so it's really hard to say anything. But every time I express my concern to Nintendo, they are all like 'oh, you shouldn't worry too much,'" he said.

"The things I've been hearing sound very good. And just the fact that they are reaching out to the indie community means that they are taking this into consideration.”

The Wii U arrives in the west in November. Trine 2 is tentatively scheduled to release during the console's launch window.

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