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Frictional Games continues to tease its next title with a new video

Frictional Games continues to tease its newest game.

Frictional Games, the studio which brought us Amnesia: The Dark Descent, has dropped another teaser for its new game in the works.

Like the last two teasers, this video is unlisted on the studio's YouTube channel.

Called "I am Tasi" the video doesn't show much more than what appears to be a desert, alien landscape. Of course, going by the frantic voice you hear, it could be a nightmare, illusion, or another plane of reality. You never know with the developers. Going by this video and the previous teasers, it appears we're getting another horror title from the studio, which is rather great at scaring folks. From our perspective at least.

The SOMA-developer announced in 2017 it has two projects in the works, and this appears to be one of them. This latest video could be another piece of the puzzle released by the studio and related to the ARGs from back in January, or a teaser for the other game. We won't know for sure until Frictional makes a formal announcement. Until then, just enjoy the teasers.

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