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Freespace IP now with Interplay

Interplay has purchased the Freespace property, Volition's late 1990's space combat sim.

Interplay picked up the property for $7,500, a recent court document [PDF] reveals. As of May 10, THQ and Volition have given up all rights to the franchise.

It's a rather neat cycle, as Interplay originally published both titles.

Freespace is a series of two games; 1998's Descent: FreeSpace and 1999's Freespace 2. Both were developed at Volition before its acquisition by THQ, and are still available via

Interplay, in case you've forgotten, developed and published the original Fallout, and its alumni are associated with a number of past and present RPG developers including BioWare, Troika, Obsidian and inXile. It doesn't do much nowadays except go to court about Fallout Online and make vague noises about resurrecting Black Isle Studios.

Thanks, Polygon.

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