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Freedom Wars weapons detailed, new trailer shows weapon classes

Freedom Wars will contain six weapon varieties, according to an update on the official website, and a new trailer showing the weapon classes has been released as well.

AI character can only equip single weapon, while players can equip two and pick up those dropped by enemies.

Here's a list of the six weapons and what they can do for your character, courtesy of Siliconera:

  • Light Sword: Consecutive attacks with little opportunity for enemies to attack. Allows you to dislocate joints.
  • Great Sword: Great Swords allow you to charge up for either a light or heavy attack; however, with this weapon, you’ll find enemies have more opportunities to attack you. On the plus side, you can change the direction of your attack while charging up a light attack. Tachis and Hammer-type weapons are included in this category.
  • Spear: These enable you to attack enemies either head on or from behind. When you’re in a critical state, your attack power increases. Spears allow you to charge up for light attacks, too.
  • Personal Equipment Firearms: Compact firearms that allow you to fire rapidly. Additionally, you will also be able to attack while using the whip you’ve seen in the different trailers for the game.
  • Multi-Purpose Firearms: Lower capacity, but higher thermal power.
  • Team Support Firearms: Excellent attack power and support abilities, but low mobility. Low capacity like Multi-Purpose Firearms. This category of weapons includes laser guns, gatling guns and even net guns.

Freedom Wars will be available in Japan on Vita June 26 and the western release is planned for 2014.

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