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Forza Horizon 2's Kinect feature is an AI assistant called ANNA

Forza Horizon 2 developer Playground Games didn't really discuss the racer's Kinect features at E3 2014 last month, but we now know that it'll include a Kinect-enabled personal assistant called ANNA.


It follows confirmation that Forza Horizon 2 will be "different games" on Xbox One and 360, each with their on engines. The last-gen edition is being developed by UK firm Sumo Digital.

Now, speaking with Examiner, Playground Games creative director Ralph Fulton said he was "really excited" about Kinect's features and the gameplay possibilities therein.

He told the site, "Kinect will be involved with a feature called ANNA. She is your digital personal assistant and navigation in the game. She is also very intelligent and will suggest things to do in the game and give you a recap when you return to the games. She will also alert you when friends are online."

We're not sure exactly ANNA will work in tandem with Kinect, but we're guessing there will be voice commands of some kind.

Fulton added that Forza Horizon 2 won't have a story, and added, "We understand there are lots of players like that. What we don't have is a story, per say. There is a really strong structure set up around the festival and the Drivatars. They really are the characters in the game. You form your own narratives with real people, friends, and family you know."

What do you think of ANNA so far? Let us know below.

Via CVG.

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