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Forza 6: Apex is coming to Windows 10 this spring - report

Microsoft is releasing a version of Forza 6 on Windows 10.


Microsoft held an event last week to allow the press some time with a few of the games coming out this spring on Xbox One and Windows 10.

The event's embargo doesn't lift for another six hours, but The Seattle Times went ahead and ran its report, which happened to mention some of this afternoon's announcements.

The original article has been removed, but a GoogleCache version remains readily available.

According to the report, Microsoft showed off Forza 6: Apex, a free, trimmed down version of last year's Xbox One game that'll be released this spring on the Windows 10 Store.

The report doesn't mention what to expect from Apex, in terms of number of cars and tracks, or whether or not the full game will be available later on.

We'll bring you more news from the event as soon as it becomes available.

Update: It's official.

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