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Forza 5 update makes cars cheaper, releasing this month with new modes

Forza Motorsport 5 developer Turn10 will release a patch to speed up the earning process and make cars cheaper, following backlash surrounding its microtransaction system.

It follows claims from Turn10's Dan Greenawalt that Forza 5 microtransactions weren't Microsoft's idea.

Now, IGN reports that the update will add Drag Racing and Tag multiplayer modes into the mix, as well as rebalancing the racer's economy.

The site adds that car prices will be lowered by 45% and offers the example of a $6 million Ferrari 250 GTO now costing $2 million. Turn10 told the site that players should be able to save up for top tier vehicles in one-fifth of the time it took to earn the same cars in Forza Motorsport 4.

Speaking with the site, Greenawalt explained, “The earn rate [in Forza 5] should have been the same,” as Forza 4's and added that the studio is now, "making updates pretty quickly and painlessly," based on feedback from fans.

Forza 5's new Drag Racing mode allows for 16 players on one strip, while descriptors for three strains of Tag mode read:

Keep the It: One player begins the match as “It.” The goal is for the “It” player to keep “It” status for as long as possible. “It” status transfers each time someone makes contact with the “It” player. Once the match timer has completed, the player with the most “It” time wins.

Tag Virus – One player begins the match as “It.” Each time an “It” player makes contact with another car, the “It” status spreads like a virus. The last uninfected player standing wins the match.

Pass the It: Similar to “Keep the It”, one player begins a “Pass the It” match with “It” status. “It” status transfers each time someone makes contact with the “It.” At the end of the match, the player with the least amount of “It” time wins.

We'll update you once the patch drops.

Via OXM.

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