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Foamstars devs used AI to create in-game album covers, Square Enix confirms

While the devs stress the use of Midjourney was minor, it's there nontheless!

Foamstars official art
Image credit: PlayStation / Square Enix

Foamstars - the upcoming team shooter from Square Enix - was made with the assistance of AI. In particular, generative AI image generator Midjourney was used to create a selection of in-game icons for in-game album covers.

This information comes via VGC, who asked the big question during a pre-release press event. Square Enix president Takashi Kiryu pledged to be "aggresive in applying AI" in the company's new years letter. It seems we're starting to see the initial signs of that push with Foamstars.

While the developers did confirm that the game makes us of AI-generated artwork, those interviewed were sure to emphasise the incredibly minor part AI plays in the wider scope of Foamstars. "All of the core elements in Foamstars – the core gameplay, and the things that make the game enjoyable – those are all made by hand,” producer Kosuke Okatani stated to VGC. “However, we did want to experiment with AI as well."

Okatani would elaborate further, stating that AI was used for "0.01% or even less" of content in the game. Square Enix would later provide a statement to VGC, confirming AI's use for album covers and adding: "We loved what was created and used them as the final album covers players will see in the game. Everything else was created entirely by our development team.”

AI is the big topic of discussion within the video game industry at the moment, not only for artists whose work is being used (largely without credit or permission), but also voice actors and those in various game development roles. Nonetheless, the corporate bigwigs of many developers and publishers continue to push the use of this technology, regardless of controversy among consumers and workers.

Is this a deal-breaker for you, ruining your hype for Foamstars? Let us know below!

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