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First Warhammer 40K MMO details

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Courtesy of CVG via the latest issue of the UK's PC Gamer.

  • Combat includes cover, suppressive fire and flanking.
  • Firefights will take place on a larger scale than those planned in WAR.
  • "All of the races important to Warhammer 40,000 lore (not to mention the fans) will be represented", creative director Joe Madureira has explained, adding that "we want each and every race to have weight in the game world... and feel distinct."
  • There'll be "tons of stuff hanging off your character, weapons, scrolls... we are going to have the coolest looking characters of any MMO, ever," said Madureira. "Once we begin releasing images, feel free to call me on that."
  • "Players", PC Gamer says, "will get to explore cities, alien temples, Chaos shrines, deserted battlefields (er, woo?), mysterious ruins, ancient structures, and - here's the cool one - 'drifting hulks in space'. Space hulks, we call those".

It's still years off, but that should easily be enough to keep the faithful excited. More through the link.

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