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Gamers are giving away copies of Final Fantasy 7 Remake to those most affected by pandemic

Reddit users are banding together to offer free copies of Final Fantasy 7 Remake to those financially strapped in the wake of the global pandemic.

In a random act of true wholesomeness, 10 Redditors have joined forces to give out digital copies of the game to those in need who commented on the thread.

"I will facilitate the purchase of a digital copy of the standard edition for someone who is in need and cannot do it themselves because of this situation," reads the original post by Reddit user frumpybuffalo.

Winners would be chosen from the comments, with users encouraged to tell the story of how the coronavirus lockdown has affected their lives. The final winners are chosen using a random number generator, while the game would later be gifted to them via funds made directly to Paypal or alternatively through the purchase of a digital PSN gift card.

"I actually dont want it for me," reads one winning post. "I have a mechanic friend whom is saving up to go to college and he dosent have a lot of money. I recently replaced my ps4 with a ps4 pro and gave him my old ps4 - with the intention of him getting to play ff7r.

"Before the crisis hit he had enough money for the remake and now he does not. Hes close to playing the remake of his favorite game and unfortunately I cant help him any more either."

Another posting reads: "My 'essential' job just cut me down to 10-12 hours a week. Had to cancel my preorder this morning. That money is going to bills. My check this week bought food and other bills. My wife isnt working, so its just me providing for my family. I’ve been wanting this game for so long.

"I teach part-time too (online) but that brings in a whopping $300 a month. That automatically goes towards house payment. This virus is really screwing with people and it’s finally reached me."

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is out April 10 for PS4. The game has done well critically - you can check out our 4 out of 5 star review right here or alternatively the full reviews round-up from reviewers across the Internet.


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