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FIFA 14 Xbox One crash warning issued, EA working on fix for today

FIFA 14 players have encountered a pair of bugs when playing the Xbox One edition. Publisher EA has issued s blog post on the matter, along with confirmation that an update fix is due today.

EA addressed the issue on the FIFA 14 help page, which explains that the day one update will remedy, "a potential controller bug that Xbox One users may experience when they initially load FIFA 14, and a bootflow issue causing problems to online features."

The controller bug occurs when two controllers are being used, which are synced to two user profiles. Using controller two to navigate the Xbox One's bootflow can result a crash at he loading screen. This particular issue will be fixed "shortly after launch." So not quite 'day-one' then. The short-term fix is to use controller one to navigate the game's bootflow, and only turn on the second pad while at the game's main menu.

Next, a separate bootflow issue occurs when the Xbox One goes into suspended mode. Once you wake the console up again, you may not be able to access FIFA 14's online features. You will need to reboot the console to remedy this one.

Are you experiencing the issues above? Let us know.

Via CVG.

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