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Farm 51 releases shots for PC, 360 title Project Adventurer

The Farm 51 has released a set of screenshots showcasing the antagonist from its upcoming action-adventure FPS, Project Adventurer.

The shots show the Sentinel who is also known as the Guardian to the Lost City, who was once a brutal Mayan king. He apparently made a pact with his God where in exchange for his eternal servitude, he would be granted "unimaginable power and immortality."

Here's the blurb on the game:

"Set in the 1930’s, Project Adventurer takes the player on a globetrotting adventure from tropical jungles to frozen wastelands – each locale filled with dangerous traps, extensive environmental puzzles and dangerous enemies. Ranging from human soldiers to supernatural warriors, Project Adventurer puts the player in the shoes of a private Investigator dragged into a plot to find an ancient artifact that seems to have awakened a threat long though dead."

Developed by The Farm 51 and powered by Unreal 3, Project Adventurer is planned for a 2013 release for the Xbox 360 and PC with plans for a PS3 version.

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