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Far Cry 4 adds permadeath with Escape from Durgesh Prison DLC

The first Far Cry 4 season pass DLC drop adds extra challenge to the open-world shooter.


Far Cry 4: Escape from Durgesh is coming to all platforms on January 13, for $10 alone or as part of the $30 season pass.

As detailed on the UbiBlog, the content pack includes a series of timed challenges, with a chance to win a spot on global leaderboards.

To up the ante, this content features permadeath - you get one try on each run.

As if that weren't enough, players begin with no weapons or gear, and have to complete missions in order to secure the gear needed for the next. The idea is that you learn something each run and can eventually complete the full mission and work on improving your times.

All this is playable in single-player or co-op, by the way. Nice.

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